Zoe Ann Newborn Pics

Zoe Ann was born 20 February 2001 at 10:37PM in San Francisco. She weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 20 inches long. While Mom had a hard time Zoe was born very healthy.

First Pic This was taken on the warming table right after a first bath.
Conehead Just an angle to show how much of a conehead new babies are. The silhouette from the side is the same. The head shape is normal now. Note that at an hour old her hands and feet are a blur.
New Family The new family in the hospital.
Grandma Santa Grandmother Santa with her 9th grandchild.
Firsttime Grandparents Dan and Lorrie with their 1st grandchild.
Little Angel Enjoy it while it lasts.
Santa Plus a Week Grandma Santa with Zoe a week later. With age and a bit of food the girl's starting to get some cheeks!
BigFoot At birth Zoe's feet were half the length of her mom's. We expect great height here.
Sleep Mom and Zoe sleeping together.
First Bath At two weeks old Zoe wasn't happy about this. Bugger the Angel.
Cornrows Yary setting the style standard.
Zoe and Pop Happily asleep.
Zoe and Lola Great Grandma has the nack for keeping babies happy.
Zoe and Victoria Victoria greeted her at birth and visits regularly.
Zoe Swinging Zoe cranking a hard left turn in her sleep. The swing is going madly and she loves the motion. The only thing better is swinging in the car seat at the end of her dad's arm.
Bronx Cheer Dad teaching the Bronx cheer.
Car Seat Fashion Caught as an elf about to hit the road. Pants by pop. Hat matches.
Coif Mom and Lola Lorrie considering the coming hairdo.
Lolo Pats Lolo Dan patting Zoe to sleep.
No Camera No camera, Please. Please?
Posing Mom helps out with a little posing.
Image We ended up with a nice picture of an almost 8 week old child.