David and Charina Wedding Pics from New Year's Day 2001

David and Charina got married on New Year's Day 2001 on Twin Peak in San Francisco.

Wedding 01 On top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco.
Wedding 02 Preacher Joe Stienke was absolutely great. A dozen folk (friends and family) were with us and whoever happened along stayed to listen.
Meta-Mothers Charina's grandmother and godmother with the couple.
Reception Tita Lumen, Charina's Grandma, mom Lorrie, mom Santa, Ivan, Diego, Charina, David, (hidden) Victoria, Gary, Michiko, Germaine, (photo taking) Lee. Father Dan is on his way. Fior D'Italia is an Italian restaurant that's been around since the 1880s.
Couple David and Charina.
Bride Charina looking good.
Preggers 01 David and Charina enjoying themselves.
Preggers 02 David and Charina being on continuous display.
Dancing By the way, Charing designed and made her dress and David's wearing Philippino formal wear by way of a barong.
Toast Everyone made some kind of toast. It was great to hear what people had to say and is much appreciated.
Family Charina's Grandma, mom Lorrie, mom Santa, Charina and David, godmother Lumen, father Dan.

Two kids (Zoe and Kai) later David and Charina separated on 23 October 2008. Their divorce was final 16 November 2009.