Tiffany and David's Wedding

Tiffany and David

The wedding is 1 August 2020   |   We will update this as we know more.

Tiffany and David will be married in San Jose on the 1st of August, 2020 in San Jose, CA. The exact time is not determined.

Venue The venue is the Grand View Restaurant on Highway 130. That's about 4 miles up towards the telescope from the edge of town. Those details are to come.

Health Department We hope current social distancing and travel restrictions will be able to be lifted by late Summer. If it starts to look like that's not true then we'll try and be in contact. Please call if you have questions about what's going on the the Bay-area counties. If we are unable to host the celebration the wedding will happen anyhow and the party will be arranged later.

People and Calendars Visitors coming from far away may want to know when we'll be around. We certainly want to see you. Tiffany and David's plans are to be around the week before the wedding. After the wedding we'll be around for a day or two before going off on their honeymoon. Zoe may well be in Summer term until just before the wedding. Alana has a program at Stanford. Kai's has things going as well. After the wedding the kids will be around for a little bit before they all head back to school in their respective places.

Accomodation. Ours. Hotels. (San Jose, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto).

Airports For people traveling domestically we recommend the San Jose airport. It's closer, smaller and more convienent than the San Francisco International Airport. It sometimes costs less to fly to San Jose as well. The Oakland airport is also a reasonable place to fly throough if price and flight availabliity dictate.


Please call if you have any questions