Kai Gymnastics Blog

This is the merest of stubs for a site about Kai's gymnastics. (C) 2015

Kai trains at Twisters.

Scores can be found at Meet Scores Online.

This is a video of Kai's floor routine in her first meet of 2015. This was good for first place in Level 8 Floor in Las Vegas' Lady Luck meet which featured gymnasts from around the world.

This year Kai expects to compete Level 9. Those who reach higher levels in gymnastics do so with a combination of native ability, hard work, mental discipline and personal sacrifice. Of the approximently 65,000 Artistic Woman's Gymnasts in USA Gymnastics any athelete who competes level 9 is in a rarified group of a few thousand level 9s and 10s and has a chance to join the few hundred elites and perhaps the handful of Olypians. On any given day there are 1000 good reasons to leave gymnastics competition. Kai has not found hers yet and still is in the top performers in her level.

Region 1 (including Norther California, Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah) is one of the more competitive regions in the United States for gymnastics. In the 2015 2015 NorCal Level 8, 9, & 10 State Championships Kai won 1st for all around gymnast in Level 8 (grouped by session etc). Kai represented NorCal on the state team at the regional championships and competed among a small group of the best gymnasts in the West.

Among historical honors Kai was selected to represent NorCal for the Level 7 National Judges Cup in 2014. She was 1st all around in the NorCal state championships and 2nd all around in the Region 1 championships (again representing NorCal).

There is more to come.